Friday, February 15, 2013

Horsemeat, Lies , EU Parliament, Farage's Funk and Eastleigh

My latest posting, which pretty well sums up my thoughts on most of what seems underway at the moment has just been posted by the International Business Times, read here.

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Anonymous Anthony Harrison said...

You seem to have some personal animus against Nigel Farage: your one-man mini-crusade against him loses no opportunity to slag him off, no matter how flimsy the grounds.
I wonder if you seriously believe your assertion that UKIP might walk away with the Eastleigh seat? No-one else believes this to be remotely possible: Conservative & LD have each enjoyed such a large vote in recent years that no matter how low the esteem in which they are held, it seems clear that one of those Parties will win.
So Farage wisely chooses not to expose himself to inevitable ridicule - and as he says correctly, there were already UKIP candidates in place for that seat... Alas, UKIP will not do terribly well there. When this inevitably happens, no doubt you will blame Farage. Perhaps he appeared to slight you at some time: maybe you think he looked the wrong way at your wife. Who knows - but your whingeing is pretty tedious.

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