Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Decadence in Public Administration

There was a time in Britain when Civil Servants, if not their political co-administrators, could be largely relied upon to act in the main part, in the overall wider public interest. Note this passage from Arthur Herman's "To Rule the Waves" - 

'Everyone admitted the Admiralty was the most efficient of the three service headquarters, with a deep sense of its own traditions and history. As Britain's oldest continuous department of state, it was still "an absolutely first-class organization," said one outside observer, and "in a class by itself." 

But the pressure to conform to the demands of modern bureaucracy was too much. On March 31, 1964, the Admiralty Board met for the last time, surrendered its letters patent, and hauled down its flag, after three hundred and thirty-six years of continuous existence. From now on, it was just one more set of dreary offices in the Ministry of Defense, looking forward with dread every year for the next Defense Survey and the next round of cuts.'

Worse, far worse, was of course to follow as Britain's public administration, (largely as a result of the pure power lust and private greed of Britain's incumbent civil servants,) became adapted and merged to fit the purposes of the European federalist conspirators. All standards quickly became debased as domestic administrators viewed and came to ape the tactics of their Continental superiors in obtaining the maximum possible personal returns for the minimum possible input and effort.

Now HS2 proceeds in spite of the complete farce and travel disruption and huge costs increases resulting from the introduction of a similar mad-cap EU scheme "Fyra" between Amsterdam and Brussels, presently suspended.

The general public largely made up by the taxpaying middle classes are being squeezed to death by the greed of the very wealthy, running the corporate giants who control the bureaucracy, and the entitlement-greedy and often idle benefit claimants below. Their one opportunity to escape this squeeze appears to be to join the public servants gorging from an ever diminishing and increasingly EU-controlled tax take.


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