Monday, February 18, 2013

BBC Journalists' Actions Belie their Words

There are many in Britain who in recent years seem to have deservedly earned the general public's deepest contempt. Bankers spring immediately to mind and I am sure it is not necessary for me to compile a complete list for we all will have our own.

One group that seems unaware they are now even included in this motley band are BBC journalists, particularly those who compile and present the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 each morning. This group, self-importantly have set themselves up to not only set the agenda for the day's national debate but impose their views, more appropriately described as prejudices, on every topic under the sun or across the world, wherever it may occur, and regardless of their own ignorance of the issues involved.

Laughingly they have today again gone on strike, mistakenly believing they will be missed. Had the BBC Trust a proper management structure staffed by personnel of principle, they would be fire the entire Today team and only 50% offered reinstatement at 50% of their former plush payment packages, all of which becoming subject to normal HMRC taxation!



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