Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Queen visits the West Country & the New Hansa.

After having provocatively decided to celebrate the actual day of her ascension to the throne of England by visiting  the building constructed to celebrate the victory of the German Hanseatic League over our nation in 1474, the Queen is presently giving a flying visit to the part of our country that I very personally consider as being at its heart.

Notably, before arriving in Dorset, she had visited another former nation state, namely Wales, long reduced to the status of a principality, but unlike England of today, an actual separate region of the EU, rather than a mere collection of such EU regions, unworthy of even its own independent parliament!

A new book on the history of the Hanseatic League and its original Cities (including London) is being published this month in French and English to mark the visit of the New Hansa to La Rochelle. Copies of the book will be available for ordering from this blog and the advanced Press Release with details should be posted here later today.

An idea of the spirit behind the New Hansa may be gathered from this YouTube video, aimed at the youth audience. We older folk must be constantly vigilant to ensure that such youthful enthusiasms are not being utilised for less than admiarable objectives!


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