Friday, April 27, 2012

Hunt and officials worked to block Murdcoch's Sky bid opponents

The Guardian's most recent scoop on the crisis that is now clearly engulfing number 10 Downing Street, is linked here.

Hunt is clinging on in an attempt to defy gravity as it has been perfectly clear for the past few days that should he go, THEN MUST Cameron quickly follow behind. Looking at the facts exposed from Leveson, who can be diverted from all the evidence of Cameron's schmoozing with the powers that be at News International, THEREFORE what Hunt's task in this matter involved. Not one single word needed to be uttered to that effect!

The crucial element is the complicity in all this of all those Conservative MPs who gave Cameron their support as their leader, presumably because they hoped his vacuity and PR glitz would dupe the voters. It did not, it instead duped Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, that is the sole reason why Britain has Cameron, the creature of the EU (which apparently is all the LibDems desire,) in place as PM today.

Clegg too must have known the score, why else did he accept Coulson at Number 10, as this blog has asked many, many times?

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