Thursday, April 26, 2012

Holland apes Portugal in passing austerity without Government

The erosion of democratic governance across the EU continues apace this evening with the announcement that the Dutch MPs whose Government handed its resignation to their Queen this very week, has now passed the latest austerity proviosions demanded by the tyrannical EU. Read here.

In so doing they follow the example of Portugal and Ireland where bailouts were essentially agreed, between two elections, by self-serving civil servants; then Greece and Italy where democratically elected governments have been replaced and the EU puppets, Papademos and Monti put in charge.

Nowhere tonight in Western Europe can democracy still feel secure, except perhaps in Switzerland where that mountain-protected nation has its own secure freedoms and existence outside of the EU, which are themselves partially protected from the greed and avarice of their surrounding EU neighbours by their own large, well-equipped and trained armed forces.


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