Friday, April 27, 2012

Signs grow stronger that Hollande will smoothly replace Sarkozy as Merkel's poodle!

The removal of the elected government in Holland this week, and its replacement by a caretaker arrangement that rapidly adopted all the EU (Merkel) had demanded of its failed predecessor, has still failed to set off alarm bells across the Continent as of this morning's press and broadcast media reports!

More danger signs come in this report from the Chicago Tribune as to how smoothly Hollande will be likely to fill the underdog pose adopted by President Sarkozy towards growing German authoritarianism. With problems in Hungary and the Czech Republic, over and above those I mentioned in my last post of last evening, it is now impossible to see where resistance to the obviously growing EU tyranny is now likely to be found!

Reports of renewed shelling of civilians by President Assad of Syria this morning must surely make obvious to the worrld that the UN has become a completely useless and worthless organisation - where exactly do the citizens of the EU believe aid will now come to save them from the economic blackmail set to be imposed to achieve the long term objective of an EU non-democratic super state through compulsory fiscal union.

Only by re-invigorating their national parliaments will resistance be possible, in Britain, Simon Hughes should be concentrating his efforts on that, his party also sold out to Murdoch years ago, as evidenced by the appointment of Coulson as Downing Street spokesman for the Coalition Government!

It appears that the sole MP in Westminster on the government benches with a grasp of what is underway is for the moment  Nadine Dorries joined from the opposition benches by Kate Hoey!

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