Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Le Pen to cast blank ballot - Best bet in UK too post Murdoch verdict!

Marine Le Pen advised her supporters from the first round in the French Presidential elections to cast a blank ballot in the second round given the non-choice between Sarkozy and Hollande, read here.

Sound advice too for voters in Britain this week if they chance to fully understand the full implications of the damning indictment against the leaders of Britain's main political parties which is contained within the House of Commons report on the main players in the phone hacking scandal. Read here.

Most of those now branded by the Commons Committee, have been the subjects of the most appalling toadying and crawling from the complete and utter low-lives who have insinuated themselves, with no worldly experience whatsoever, at the peak of our corrupted political system.

As this blog has previously urged, spoil your ballot paper on Thursday with your own thoughts!


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