Monday, April 30, 2012

Can France and Britain resume a role in Europe's politics?

That question is considered by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in his column in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here.

In France the columnist expresses hopes but has the following to say on next Sunday's likely Presidential victor:

The Latin Bloc might politely tell Berlin: acquiesce in the new landscape, or expect Latin Europe to take matters into its own hands and bring about the fiscal, monetary, and exchange conditions needed to safeguard its societies - entailing a very nasty shock for German banks and exporters.
No such showdown is about to happen of course. Mr Hollande is an Enarque at heart, easily bidable. He may be fobbed off with a bigger role for the European Investment Bank.

Britain's voters must be wary of falling into a similar trap. While the elections on Thursday are only for local government, in Britain's curious party system politics a complete rejection of the three main parties could bring central government politics to a shuddering halt.

Voters have three more days to look at the state of their country, in every area of life where politicians have a say, then look at what is underway in Europe, where their politicians have no say whatsoever and never will, and then take the necessary action with their vote - after all as a voter YOU are ultimately in charge AND fully repsonsible!

Other reading - Growth versus Austerity - A phony debate, by Pater Tenebrarum linked here.

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Blogger Robert said...

As the vast majority of regulation in this country is forced on us from Brussels we could do without our government and politicians without noticing the loss. As you have pointed out for some time, in the absence of a government, the civil service will carry on running the country on behalf of our real masters. This has been the experience of several Eurozone countries already.

The advantage of doing away with our Westminster chums would be that the voters at large would come to realise the extent to which power has been passed to our unelected government. It might speed up change.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Admiral J Sparrow said...

DC is today putting the blame on the eu for the condition of the UK's finances, just as g brown blamed the USA and the banks.
Hey dave can't you see the eu is of no benefit to us poms, so get us OUT ASAP the whole country has been telling you that for ages and as millitwit says you just don't listen.

9:14 AM  

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