Saturday, April 28, 2012

Britain's maritime heritage lives on! Britain does NOT!

While the three arrogant bullies, who today run bankrupt Britain, cower in Downing Street, apparently unable to face the obvious consequences of their joint decision to appoint Andy Coulson as their, and their Coalition Government's official spokesman (almost as its first act), across the globe in Western Australia a magnificent example of Britain's maritime heritage is taking place. Read here.

Britain's politicians, today perfectly epitomised, by the stuck-up trio Cameron, Clegg and Osborne, fittingly represent their class of opinionated low-grade opportunists who have for years sold out their once proud country to the EU and rendered it the bankrupt plaything for Continental conspirators which it has today become.

Four thousand seven hundred english speaking US servicemen and women, this weekend visit the Western Australian cities of Fremantle and Perth, to share the heritage of which our language seems to remain the last significant element in so far as British men and women can be concerned or involved. Our politicians have sold out our place amongst the english speaking nations of the world for the pensions and perks they, together with their officials, harvest as our administrators, such lucre being returned to these undeserving turncoats, as the price of a seat among the 27 "member states" of the evil EU.

This weekend I am visiting an island where it is believed the roots of Admiralty Law can be found. There will be no more posts until Monday!

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Blogger Admiral J Sparrow said...

West Australia associated with the uk shipping co Trindar Anderson with the black swan on the funnel, known as the hungry goose line.
Ships names Armadale Araluen Australind Ashburton. The firm started with sailing ships thru to SD 14s built in Sunderland all gone becuase of labcon govs incompetence. Thanks a lot steward prescott.

11:44 AM  

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