Friday, April 27, 2012

Are David & Sam Cameron heading to OZ after Downing Street?

Resignation, long awaited by all decent British electors, must be high in the sights of Prime Minister, David Cameron this evening as news breaks that he and his wife, Samantha, have selected an Australian nanny for their young daughter. Read the rather critical report in The Guardian, linked here.

Whether this came on the recommendation of the Murdoch clan is not yet known, neither whether it is in anticipation of a fairly prompt and hurried departure from Downing Street possibly requiring fairly rapid acclimatisation to a country where they presumably hope to still receive a tepid welcome.

This blog takes the news as a very welcome sign that the real difficulties of the EU are finally, perhaps, being grasped by our PM, however, quitting the sinking ship like a rat seems more characteristic of the man than his having such a sudden realistic, economic insight!

Probably merely complete and utter thoughtlessness, as in every other area of his policies and governance!

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