Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cogitatively Castrated Conservatives

Louise Mensch and her three  conservative party MP colleagues on the Parliamentary Media Committee has really done for the Tory Party as far as a thinking properly functioning organisation is concerned. A commentator to the Conservative Home web site discussion on the farce of the Murdoch report said it far better than I am able last evening as follows:

Nigel Rathbone

So the Murdochs, a toxic family who have debased our press and poisoned our politics for over 40 years, have been finally exposed publicly as liars and manipulators, unfit to run a company. They have had their placemen in both main political parties, they have trashed the reputations of innocent victims of crime, invaded the privacy of thousands of individuals, and have now been clearly shown to be breaking the law of this country. So much is clear.

And what do we learn from Louise Mensch? That the Tories support the Murdochs and think they
are proper people to run a company, but the Lib Dems and Labour disagree.

I'm sure Labour and the Lib Dems will be happy to be on the side of the vast majority of right-thinking people in this country. The mystery is why on earth some of the more intelligent and decent folk on the Tory side have been prepared to cede this ground to their political opponents

Perhaps the answer for Mr Rathbone will only arrive, when he, like so many other former supporters of the older Conservative Party, concludes that the more intelligent and decent folk have long since given up on the party - few such may now be found within their ranks and certainly none in the parliamentary party, that is why no votes should be given to any supporting that party tomorrow, even if the office being sought seems a million miles from Westminster, the tentacles and lack of principle of Cameron and Osborne permeates throughout the entire party - stands to reason really! Same goes for Labour, after all Ed Balls remains at its heart, would one look for a decent Nazi while Hitler was in charge?

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Blogger Robert said...

I do not have much time for Louise Mensch, but I watched Newsnight last night where she was one of the Select Committe members on the programme. Her point was that it was Tom Watson and other Labour members who highjacked the report with the attack on Murdoch and NC. The Select Committee was not asked to look into the fitness of Murdoch to run a company.That is the job of Ofcom.

I am not a particular fan of NC or Murdoch, but having seen him on the Leveson inquiry I am starting to have some sympathy for him and there seems to be a plot by the 'left' to get Murdoch and his empire aided by the BBC and the Guardian.Tom Watson is the cheeleader. NC was not the only newspaper that was hacking telephones, just the one that so far has been caught out.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Martin said...


I take your points. I did not see Newsnight but have heard some further defence of the members from the Conservative Party on the Committee and it appears they have been put in a tricky political dilemma.

The point of view in the comment from Nigel Rathbone quoted in the post above will likely be the prevailing view in the country at large I would guess, partisanship etc going too deeply into the matter.

My view, given Cameron's difficulties regarding Coulson, which have yet to really begin, tends to be that of course the Committee had no right to judge whether or not Murdoch was competent to run a corporation, neither had our party politicians the right to allow him to create a profitable propaganda machine which they took it in turns to use to share political power while simultaneously handing our country to foreigners, all the while supported by MPs selected by the party machines financed through the EU contributions to MEPs!

The whole thing is so completely shameless that odd discrepancies of scruples seem certain to arise!

11:25 AM  
Blogger Robert said...


Thanks for your reply. As you say the whole thing is shameless and I agree that there is more to come out, one way or another. Murdoch has been very careful to keep all his people onside with various payments and arranged jobs, but even he does not have bottomles pockets.

For another view on the Murdoch affair, Guido Fawkes is quite a good antedote to the Slog's one eyed criticism. I do think the Guardian and BBC have stirred things up. Murdoch is too good to let a bunch of politicos to take him down. I wonder if we will ever know what he has on Cameron?

Apropos Repsol, we now have this

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