Friday, November 11, 2011

Greece's grovelling government blessed on this Armistice Day

The picture from the Reuters report, linked here, of Orthodox Priests blessing the affront to Athenian dignity that ids the newly EU imposed government of Greece, may not be reporiduced here for copyright reasons, but some telling words from the accompanying article certainly may:

Technocrat Prime Minister Lucas Papademos took office on Friday to save Greece from bankruptcy, heading a coalition cabinet filled with many of the same politicians who led the nation into crisis and pushed the euro zone to the brink of collapse....

...Analysts said Papademos -- a quiet academic economist -- had to assert his authority over a cabinet packed with the hardened conservative and Socialist party politicians who took turns in power for decades as Greece built up a huge debt that it could not manage, forcing an international bailout.

"Greece has a government that is the result of political compromise among three parties. It is obvious that there was a dealing of the cards," said Costas Panagopoulos, head of ALCO pollsters....

Elsewhere, on the blog Witterings from Witney, there is a letter from Edward Spalton, reminding us all of the real danger we today all once again face as democrat rule is once again snuffed out, country by country all across the Continent of Europe. Titled 'Peace in our time' it may be read in full from this link, here I will merely quote the last few paragraphs:

The 1950 Schumann plan (which was actually Monnet's) struck chords in Germany where ideas of “European Economic Community” arose from darker sources. I translated an early book of that title which included contributions from politics, business, diplomacy and academia. It shows a similar idea of European integration to that we have today. It was published in 1942 and the lead author was Walther Funk , Hitler's Economics Minister, President of the Reichsbank and Minister for Post War Planning. The euro was called the “Europagulden” and the Europa Bank was to be in Berlin, not Frankfurt .

In 1951 Dr Adenauer's Minister of Commerce, Dr. Seebohm, expressed German ambitions thus - “Will free Europe join Germany? Germany is the heart of Europe and the limbs must adjust to the heart, not the heart to the limbs”. Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Greece are now feeling the harsh effects of that adjustment, as will any other EU state which crosses the all-powerful euro economic government which is being set up with Mr. Cameron's spaniel-like agreement.

Under the Lisbon treaty the German-dominated eurozone countries will have sufficient voting power to overrule all the other ten member countries whenever they want. The German dream of Reichsminister Funk & Dr. Seebohm will be reality. Democratic government in Britain will be extinguished – mere Vichy. Frau Merkel reportedly said there could be war if Germany did not get its way."

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