Thursday, November 10, 2011

Replacing Berlusconi and Papandreou

The following is from a longer post titled "Italian Titanic hits iceberg, Technocrats supposed to save the euro" from the blog Acting Man, linked here:

“One keeps hearing demands for more centralization – tax 'harmonization', which is new-speak for 'let's impose the highest possible taxes everywhere', more 'redistribution', and above all, 'more regulation', especially of the evil financial markets where all sorts of bad things are happening to sovereign bonds nowadays. 

Naturally, fractional reserve banking and the inflationary boom-bust sequences it has brought forth doesn't even rate a mention – since it has also enabled the growth of this huge statist moloch the EU and many of its member nations have become.
What is really needed is some introspection and remembering what the EU was originally about. Its founders wanted to restore 19th  century liberalism to Europe – free trade and freedom of movement for people and capital within Europe. They emphatically did not want to erect some sort of socialist super-state. They wanted to bring back to Europe what the mad socialist and fascist ideologues of the 20th century had destroyed.  Now we have a bureaucratic monster in Brussels that has produced nearly 300,000 new regulations over the past decade, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of pages of 'administrative law' and other regulations the member states themselves produce every year. It is a miracle we still have a functioning civilization. If we want the problems to be solved, the most important question should be: what is needed to enable the production of new wealth? What kind of environment will be most conducive to reviving the entrepreneurial spirit? It should be simple enough, but it would of course threaten a great many vested interests.”



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