Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Barroso calls Cameron's bluff on Britain NOT joining the Euro

At a meeting of the EPP, from which Cameron's Conservative's have withdrawn, EU Commission President Barroso spelt out for BBC political correspondent Nick Robinson, the truth that the Lisbon Treaty allows ex-Countries to belong to the Euro Currency and others that have not yet joined. This has been a fact for so long and spelt out so often on this blog that I ceased repeating it long ago. This revelation, however, curiously formed a major element of the BBC 7:00 am Radio 4 Today Programme News Bulletin and follow-up this morning.

Combine that bulletin with the facts revealed by Bill Cash MP in the Commons last evening, on the ongoing economic guerilla campaign waged by France and Germany against the City of London, and the game plan is quite clear. Britain will be economically strangled until it capitulates and is forced to become absorbed, by which time it will be almost completely owned and controlled by the Continentals. Greece and Italy both have had their Prime Ministers reluctantly agree to resign this week or be forced to watch their countries be starved of funds - what kind of solidarity is that?

This should not be surprising, as that is exactly how all our major utilities and most strategic industries have already landed in Continental hands. Not even considering the bigger disaster of the trashing of all our common law and constitutional protections being destroyed.

The same tactics are at work with the destruction of the parliaments and democracies of Greece and Italy, as also blogged about very extensively in recent posts. There is nothing new in Europe, let alone the wider world, about powerful countries wishing to extend their powers and spheres of influence by acquiring the assets and territories of their neighbours by providing nothing in return, as appears to be the German and French attitudes towards Greece and Italy at present, it has formerly been known as conquest!

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