Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Weasel words and sophistry from Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron!

The following was the exact wording of the question,  put by Douglas Carswell, Conservative MP for Clacton, to the Prime Minister, yesterday in Parliament, as recorded by Hansard which may be read from this link:

Mr Douglas Carswell (Clacton) (Con): Back in July the Financial Secretary to the Treasury told a Committee of this House, with regard to IMF obligations:
“We have an agreement to fund up to £20 billion, broadly speaking.”—[Official Report, Second Delegated Legislation Committee, 5 July 2011; c. 9.]
Pretty broad, it turns out. We now hear that the figure is closer to £40 billion. Does my right hon. Friend agree that it is vital to level with the British people, with no weasel words or sophistry, and that Ministers have an obligation to be absolutely straight about what they plan to do with other people’s money?
The Prime Minister: Let me be absolutely clear about this. There are two sorts of money that the UK provides to the IMF: money through our quota, which is effectively through our shareholding, and money through loans and other arrangements. There have been three votes in this House in the last three years on all the elements of

7 Nov 2011 : Column 34
the IMF money. As I have said, if it comes to giving extra support for the IMF, we want to do that within the headroom that has been set.

Readers of this blog may make up their own minds as to whether this Prime Minister is even making the smallest effort to fulfil an obligation to be "absolutely straight about what they plan to do with  other people’s money."

Reading back over this blog for the past few days and entering "David Cameron Global Governance" into a Google Search bar will reveal that it is not just the huge and unquantified sums of money that he spends in dubious causes, that should worry the country, but the objectives he secretly follows that should also be of huge concern.

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