Sunday, November 06, 2011

Democracy IS dead in Greece - ECB placeman reported to soon run the ex-country!

Papandreou is reported to be standing down as Greek PM tonight, having won a vote of confidence in his own Parliament only last Friday evening, less than two days ago - with a referendum NOW denied to the electorate of his former country.

As forecast on this blog during the week, informed opinion tonight is suggesting a former Greek Central Banker, and more significantly former ECB board member will  be taking over the running of Greece, with no date set for any elections.

Such is the EU, that is what membership of the ERM has come to involve!

Britain's Coalition Government supports this outrage. British TV reports it as welcome to the Greek people - How can they know?

Now the action will move to Italy where Prime Minister Berlusconi has also recently won a vote of confidence by the elected members of his Parliament, and is reported to be facing another such (in its Upper House) next Tuesday. Should he win, how even so may he stay in power?

How can any elected national parliamentary leader of any country in the EU today, let alone one within the Euro Group, now be certain of being allowed to remain in post?

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Blogger WitteringsfromWitney said...

And you expect someone other than an EU lackey to be appointed to run one of their outposts? Come, come IT, if they have managed to install one in the UK, to do so in Greece must be a piece of ouzo - so to speak!

8:56 PM  

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