Friday, November 04, 2011

Bloomberg TV states Merkel announces no G20 deal on IMF Resources

Bloomberg TV has made public the above very important news this lunchtime. The 27th October EU, EFSF package could never save the euro. Pouring more IMF cash towards the EU bonfire, would merely have impoverished other taxpayers across the globe and sped the day they would have had a similar non-democratic package imposed upon them, courtesy of the G20, via Global Governance, the skeleton plan for which was outlined by the British PM today, at Cannes, see my posting immediately beneath this!

Update 1335 GMT Merkel's statement is confirmed here  although other reports have EU Council President Von Rompuy stating extra resources have been agreed for the IMF, see here confirming the ususal EU confusion. Elsewher there are reports that Finance Ministers have been charged to discuss this topic in February of next year! Global Non-Governance who needs it? The smaller the simpler and the more democratic! National Sovereignty should rule - OK!

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Blogger Sue said...

Streuth, what a waste of time and money that lot are. Nobody had agreed to this. China & the USA were reluctant and most of the countries would have had to had this approved by their national governments, including the UK.

12:35 PM  

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