Thursday, November 03, 2011

IMF funding boost for EU without devaluation or interest rate setting authority!

Australia's morning press is hitting the wires and the news is all bad for individual tax payers across the globe, not wishing to see more good money follow the billions of bad, already poured down the drain of the sick cesspool that is the EU. Read here.

If that does not depress you enough, read this from Forbes on the losses in certain EU banks, here, or even the true extent of Greek debts from Open Europe, linked here.

There is nobody in the upper echelons of the EU trustworthy enough to keep one week's worth of your child's pocket money (allowance). That is why the West is staring disaster in the face, if you doubt that fact, ask yourself this question - when was the last occasion you can recall that anybody with any official connection with the EU, made a statement that you could later vouch was the truth? My own memory is not that good, so far back!

The IMF should halt funding to the EU until the Euro is disbanded and any resulting national currencies can justify a reasonable economic recovery programme, interest rates and an exchange rate  justifying such an advance COMBINED WITH DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATION AND TRANSPARENT CONSTITUTIONAL CHECKS AND BALANCES;

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