Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sensible comment on the dire prospects for the G20 at Cannes.

Tellingly it is only the Swiss Nation that now seems concerned about any remaining democracy in Europe!

Swiss Info has a considered view on the G20 summit, now about to get underway following the delayed arrival of Angela Merkel in the French resort, says it all really. The article is here, however and the following are some pointed quotes:

Charles Wyplosz, professor of economics at Geneva’s Graduate Institute, welcomes the Greek plebiscite on the proposed European Union bailout, which he hopes will shake up the “confused” and “divided” Europeans.

The bailout was a “useless austerity imposed on the Greeks”, but the referendum is a chance to introduce an element of democracy in the process, Wyplosz tells

The meeting is likely to be partly hijacked by the European crisis, but there is nothing much the summit can do. We may well see a continuation of recent eurozone meetings, while the rest of the world complains to the Europeans that they are messing things up instead of dealing with the crisis.

This is all decided in a very undemocratic way and imposed on the Greek government; its sovereignty is being infringed, so this referendum is a welcome occasion to introduce an element of democracy in this process, which has been extraordinarily technocratic.

It’s also a very important reminder to the political leaders that they are creating tremendous pain imposing an austerity cure in the middle of a recession, which is bound to fail; it is visibly failing.

We bloggers remain beating the drum for individual liberties and democracy, but we are increasingly drowned out by the extraordinary anger at the Greeks from the EU political classes. Autonomous Mind has a good post on the death of democracy this evening, linked here, strange how few others seem to be noticing!



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