Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Angry German reaction to Greek Referendum - Elections possible,

Der Spiegel this morning describes the anger among EU Leaders over the Greek Referendum announcement, linked here, from which comes this quote:

Shares in Commerzbank, Germany's second largest bank, slumped more than 10 percent and Deutsche Bank, the country's top bank, fell almost 8 percent. One economist at Bremer Landesbank said a Greek rejection of the euro zone's plan to provide Athens €130 billion ($178 billion) worth of aid and arrange a 50-percent write-down on its debt would be "suicide."

Elsewhere the Greek Opposition is reported to be making noises about resignation which could provoke an early General Election, read here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A referendum? How dare they? What is this country where the voice of the people can contradict financial institutions? What kind of country would raise against being ruled by others and loose its sovereignty?

The answer is: a democracy
It is about time that the Greeks decide for themselves

2:43 PM  

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