Friday, November 04, 2011

Is this the moment Britain was buried?

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, as just announced on the Number 10 Downing Street web site, today launched a paper on Global Governance, it may be read in pdf format  from here. The announcement from that web site is here.

It is unimaginable to me that any British Prime Minister could envision such an objective as Global Governance could be desirable. It is unconscionable that a man who chose a career in politics within the British Conservative Party, could be so insensitive of all for which he had purported to stand, that he could now so do!

The crux of the problem lies in the first of Cameron's three stated conclusions, as follows:

Formalising the Troika of past, current and future Presidencies; supporting it with a small secretariat staffed by officials from G20 countries and based in and chaired by the Presidency; which will help pursue the G20’s agenda consistently through time

What is the G20 agenda, how is it arrived at, agreed upon or disputed objectives resolved. The EU is a non-democratic nightmare already, as all the G20 leaders, and certainly the rest of the entire globe, can clearly see today. It is with such lazy thinking and sloppy platitudes that Europe has today arrived at its present impasse!

The world does not need another such multilateral mess! Was the British Parliament consulted and their opinion sought before this mish-mash was presented to our international trading peers? Can ordinary parliamentary members, perhaps with a better grasp and knowledge of the lessons of history, now formally reject it?

Might we not then even be outvoted by the other G20 members, on the perfectly sensible grounds that Britain apparently wrote it, albeit clearly without consultation or proper consideration and apparently at the sole request of the President of the French Republic, which country, since their revolution, has held very different views from Britain on the matter of what democracy requires.



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