Saturday, November 05, 2011

When democracy has been destroyed - nothing is sure.

The TV Channel CNN has a report on the internet titled "Europe - the worst case scenario" linked here. Those who follow that link will not find out what that is, for nobody can tell what follows when all the democratic structures of governance and the underlying economical system of an entire Continent of 27 once independent and sovereign nations have been deliberately destroyed.

Unhappily, we are about to find out the reality of what this worst case scenario really is, starting perhaps in Greece, or possibly Italy, maybe even in Spain hanging on, just, for a General Election or in Portugal where there was recently such a manipulated and thereby pointless plebiscite. Wherever it starts, we will soon all be affected, until our own properly elected governments start to retake responsibility for the duties to which they have been elected and appointed.

Euronews, as well as CNN, provides updates on the unfolding disaster, ironically, as this Channel was set up as the propaganda outlet for the corrupt European Union which has deliberately brought this fiasco to reality, click here.



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