Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rebooting the world's economy could be E.A.S.E.E.

The leaders of the world's largest nations should put the failure of last week at the Cannes G20 behind them. Mentally they would be best to determine that Cannes MUST mark the low point of this present worldwide economic slump.

To return to growth, the world needs a grand project, marshalling all the resources, manpower and ingenuity that it is possible to make available. A project akin to the
Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways of the USA, read here, which finally killed off for America the awful consequences  of the Great Slump and the Great Depression together with the ravages of World War Two, which these two economic disasters helped to spawn.

What could be of equal magnitude and challenge in our present age. I suggest one answer might be great transnational road highways, uniting the world by bringing all humanity within reach of one another through a grid that could eventually link the world by use of the individual empowering personal vehicle.

Initially Highway Zero could link Edinburgh with Cape Town roughly following the line of the prime meridian. Highway One would link Bordeaux with Tokyo within those parallels of latitude.

Similar North/South and East/West super expressways could cross the Americas, all four being complete by some early ambitious date such as 2020 with some lenience of timing for lengthy sea crossings such as that over (and/or under) the Mediterranean.

Later a true trans-global grid of high speed 16 to 32 lane expressways could be planned to criss-cross the lands of the entire globe.

To be practical certain minimum conditions would be required, money although carefully audited must not be deemed a limiting factor and the agreed timetable for every sector unalterable - somewhat like the US lunar landing project. Secondly and even more importantly, none of the existing failed international or trans-national organisations, which have come to only serve themselves and their officials can be involved, nor any past or incumbent politicians, nor their existing international structures and parasitical organs, could be allowed to be involved at any stage nor in any detail of the huge project.

Among those most determinedly excluded would be the G8, G20, UN, EU, IMF, World Bank, WTO,NAFTA etc.,etc.

The project would be run by one single entity which I have dubbed E.A.S.E.E. to stand for both its initial scope and the simplicity of the idea. The European, African, Super-Expressway Eastwards.



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