Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The EU Train system - folly for its corrupted and cossetted officials and employees.

The hustle and bustle of busy airports, with their intrusive searches and lack of business classs facilities for short to medium length intra-european flights are considered beneath the dignity of the sneeringly superior EU administrative classes. Thus taxpayers across the EU must see precious farmland destroyed and billions wasted in prestigious and useless high speed rail projects.

Yesterday in Britain's House of Commons, one such link was found by a Committee of MPs to represent a good case for investment against all logic, read here. In France further deep austerity cuts were being announced on the same day. I could find no immediate cessation of the hugely expensive and ludicrous scheme, on which work is already underway, to cut mere minutes from a journey time between Tours and Bordeaux (part of the EU Trans-European Transport Network, read here, eventually linking that centre of EU corruption Brussels to Madrid and Lisbon, althought the Iberian projects are reportedly effectively abandoned due to the sweeping cuts necessary across Europe due to the EU's maladministration and excessive expenditure on those within its malign sphere of influence). More on this may be found here.

A giant engineering project, such as my proposed E.A.S.E.E., linking the world, which benefits all mankind for use in their own cars, now that could be the kind of prestigious project which could return the globe to growth, as I blogged here, last weekend.

Everything proposed or connected with the EU should sensibly be immediately abandoned, surely it must now be clear to all, that this dreadful project is in its death throes and the sooner it is scrapped the better.

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