Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Nick Clegg, Deputy PM of Great Britain - epitomy of all that stinks in the EU

As Nigel Farage stated in response to Clegg's speech to the shaming disgrace that is the so-called European parliament:

"As an MEP he voted for virtually everything that the EU proposed, every regulation, every directive that has created the treacle like swamp of regulations that are strangling British and European businesses. He is personally culpable for so much of the mess we are in, and has no answer for it. He admits that the EU is in terminal decline, yet tells us in Britain that we must remain shackled to its rapidly sinking economic corpse."

I will try to get a video of Farage's response for embedding here.

MP Bill Cash said it "beggared belief" that Clegg was calling for a cut in red tape and EU directives to boost competitiveness "while in the same breath he leads the UK's leading euro-fanatic party, and for years he actively encouraged over-regulation". Clegg was an MEP between 1999 and 2004. The staunchly Eurosceptic Cash added: "Having swallowed European proposals hook, line and sinker, in Westminster he opposes reform, opposes a referendum, opposes repatriation and opposes renegotiation. So much for reform. It is not enough to say that Europe is suffering from a crisis of competitiveness but doing the opposite in practice." He warned that Britain's influence would decline as the eurozone integrates more closely: "The deputy prime minister can warn all he wants about promises of safeguards for 'a club within a club' but the 17 eurozone countries will act in their own interests and not in the interests of the 27. The result is a two-tier Europe."

The following is a video of Clegg  being greeted by Von Rompuy, (Clegg studied at the elite College of Europe in Bruges so was groomed to betray his country which nevertheless is not an excuse).

Note particularly from this clip that his chosen language is not English, number one choice pretty much everywhere else in the world!

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''Comment va tu?'' and then they speak Flemish I presume.

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