Thursday, November 10, 2011

Greece now appoints an arsonist to extinguish the financial flames.

In selecting Papademos as PM, the Greeks  have not only aquired a man from the ECB with fingerprints all over the scene of the crime, they have also got a former Vice President of the European Central Bank, who sat silently alongside Jean-Claude Trichet for years as the Greek people were sacrificed on the altar of such men's rampant greed and lust for power.

Now we wait and watch to see if millions of Italians will be similarly betrayed in an almost identical manner by getting the EU fanatical Mario Monti appointed over their heads to run their lives down to the smallest detail.

Is one of the main culprits himself, Jean-Claude Trichet, now waiting to step in to Sarkozy's shoes, once Merkel's patience expires and France's triple A rating goes the way of the  French owned bonds of the Italian banks?



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