Thursday, November 10, 2011

Watch a poppy wearing German energy bandit justifying extortion

The interview from last evening's Jeff Randall programme on Sky News is linked here.

Struggling to disguise his Germanic linguistic roots, Volker Beckers, the man who now controls Britain's nuclear power generation industry, fought to keep a straight face, as one commenator to Sky News noted "when he was questioned about his company jacking up prices while making double profits, he was so thrilled he almost burst out laughing."

Speaking personally, I was more insulted by the  shame brought upon the poppy emblem he wore. Symbol of the battlefields of the Great War, upon and over which my two grandfathers fought while (now apparently pointlessly) endeavouring to keep this country free from foreign, non-democratic, domination.

The shame of successive British Governments who have handed our energy supply industries to foreigners, where such acquisitions are banned in their own countries, was humiliating beyond belief. As a commentator suggested to AE-P's Telegraph column today, linked here, depriving those responsible of their assets now seems the sanest course:

Trading whilst insolvent is illegal throughout the EU and usually results in the Directors becoming responsible for the principal.
Can we as a nation please insist that - when the wreckage has settled and the dust has cleared - from the now inevitable collapse of the Euro and the world banks - that any public official who played any significant part in its formation or signed any decree that threw public money at the utter folly that was the Euro - is charged and punished to the full extent of the law?
As a minimum they should be bankrupted, have any pensions confiscated, and they should be forbidden from ever holding any public office ever again.
At the end of WW2 we had the Nuremburg trials - we need the same again.

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