Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cameron's EU contortions leave our nation castrated.

The first paragraph of the report in the Daily Telegraph, linked here,   on the speech on foreign policy at the Lord Mayor's Banquet last evening by Prime Minister Cameron summarises the chaotic confusion in that pathetic man's head over the most crucial factor facing the country at this crucial moment in history:

The Prime Minister insisted that leaving the EU was “not in our national interest” but said he felt “very personally” that now was the time for a fundamental reconsideration of European relations.

For decades, those running Britain have insisted that change to the EU is desirable but always from a starting point that whether or not any change is ever achieved, remaining within the evermore corrupt and inefficient institution must remain the nation's prime priority.

To maintain that same position on the evening of the day that the German CDU party approved the right of Euro Group Countries to volunatarily quit, carries this British policy obscenity to absurd lengths of treachery. To not accept that in the present state of EU economic disintegration that policy was not always a disaster AND to continue to argue its merits is completely ludicrous!

Something now needs to be done in Parliament.



Anonymous Budgie said...

My previous comment on Capitalists@Work ...

I have been saying for months that eurosceptic opinion that failure of the euro was "imminent" was naive, vastly underestimating the sheer will to power of the EU elites. The USE outlined by Merkel here uses the crisis to achieve complete financial union.

However I gather Cameron is now styling himself a eurosceptic. This means he is about to go for a "cast iron" moment as he lulls people into a false sense of security about the USE, and slips us in.

11:21 AM  

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