Monday, November 14, 2011

The BBC 4 Today Programme - Losers misleading the nation on the EU crisis.

At 0734 am this morning the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, went for expert advice on the Mario Monti situation in Italy to Andrew Gowers. Rarely can there have been an individual in public life with such a long list of misjudgements and failures behind him. Consider the following:

Fanatically pushed the Euro currency while editor of the Financial Times.
Lost an expensive libel case and his editorship.
Joined  Lehman Brothers before its collapse.
Advised Gordon Brown.
Handled BP's media response to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

The miscall on the Euro alone will cause countless corporate bankruptcies over the years and almost certainly destroy the chances of that paper's longer term survival, such was the scale of that huge business and economic misjudgement, which Gowers shares along with many others whose views also still retain respect.

It is the BBC, its Radio 4 Today production team and the programme's presenters, however, who must today be brought to account. How could they for one tiny moment believe that such a man should be called upon to give his view on the grave events now unfolding in Italy or indeed place any value on his view of the possible outcomes?

The problem lies in the mandarin-think that runs through the British establishment, which includes the BBC. If the country is to survive, these parasitical dead-brains must all be removed from their positions of power and influence, as I posted below over the weekend.



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