Sunday, November 13, 2011


It seems timely, this morning, to repeat the latter part of a post made on 11th September this year, which covered the break-up of the EU and its likely consequences!


The EU is waging economic warfare against Britain!

Assisting in the deliberate bankruptcy of our country are large numbers of supposed public servants and legislators, receiving or due to receive huge, tax minimised pensions from the EU. I named two such on this blog yesterday. Many others lurk within Britain's upper legislative chamber, the House of Lords, where just before the last Parliamentary recess, most of whom with their pensions and vested interests undeclared, in large numbers they completely neutered the European Union Act, supposedly intended to protect Britain from future assaults against the economic welfare of the people of our nation by the EU.

This blog is not merely anti-EU, which many other fine blogs trying to protect the independence of our country now boldly declare.

Ironies Too believes the EU has been waging economic warfare against Britain for many years, and in that cause it has subverted many of our legislators and public servants, such that we today stand on the verge of utter economic annihilation. Direct rule from the EU must then clearly follow!

We cannot fight such an enemy without first making the intellectual leap towards recognising that we are now fighting a dedicated, devious and pernicious enemy, for our economic lives.

We are beyond the stage of Referendums supplying any answer. A first, possibly really effective weapon, does still lie within our national hands and capabilities, however, that would be to ban from public office or legislative assembly, any individual, now being, or at some future date due to be, in receipt of funds from the EU, with the option of retaining  their posts if they publicly renounce such payments.

An independent country cannot be efficiently governed nor managed if its senior legislators and administrators are paid by those whose interests are other than the best interests of the people of the nation. Such is the case in the British Isles today!

Alternatively the EU could voluntarily withdraw such payments, turn its face against its progress by deceit and lies and abandon its present institutions, while seeking a democratic way ahead, thus also solving its own economic crisis at a stroke!




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