Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another March 2004 warning of the dangers of Mario Monti from "Ironies"

Herewith is a repeat of another warning on the menace that is Mario Monti. (The first such was posted earlier today.) This one also relates to his bungled action against Microsoft, which I here leniently described as merely "mishandled".

Irish Advice on Fighting the Constitution - A long post on the dangers ahead from 27th March 2004 on the blog Ironies, is linked from here

Another former EU Competition Commissioner, Peter Mandelson has this afternoon had the gall to declare on Russian TV, that it is markets replacing democratically elected Governments with EU placemen.

It most certainly is not markets nor anything to do with free men operating on the basis of free will. Those behind the EU have imposed an unworkable economic system on the European Continent, knowing it was certain to lead to this result, thereafter they are withholding support (what they suggested would be available in the form of supposed solidarity), thus allowing interest rates to rise to unbearable levels, THEN refuse financial support until the governments be changed led by technocrats of their choosing.

It is important that everybody understands what is underway here, which is why the full link to the warnings from Ireland of March 2004, be read and understood! After such a reading it will be obvious that what is happening today in Italy, and yesterday in Greece, is what has always been planned.



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