Saturday, November 12, 2011

IMF's Lagarde approves Mario Monti!

Mme Lagarde, whose crass incompetence has already been well proven by the ever woresening EU economic crisis in the few short weeks since she  supposedly took charge at the IMF, has now given her supposed seal of approval to the EU endorsed smashing of Italy's democracy, with the following endorsement of Mario Monti to take-over Italy, with no serious reference to his competence or credentials, other than the fact that she personally knows him. The report from AGI is here, from which I quote:

From Tokyo, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said: "I hold Mario Monti in great esteem, I know him well and he's extremely competent".

As I commented on Mario Montion my blog "Ironies" on 25th March 2004:

It is extremely dangerous and completely foolhardy to use anti-monopolistic fines against a major company domiciled within the jurisdiction of a main trading competitor, unless you have intentions beyond those of curbing anti-competitive behaviour or monopolistic practises. Monti has been one of the more disastrous Commissioners of even this particularly dud bunch, to exit on such a disastrous note could reap dire consequences indeed.

Now at least Monti's intentions are more than clear, and they are dire indeed, they have no basis in democracy, freedom of choice or individual rights. It seems incredible to me, that a man born so soon after the second war ended, can so quickly apparently forget the image of Mussolini's end.

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