Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bossi's Northern League will not back Monti

Canadian TV has the latest report from Italy, which includes the following:

Umberto Bossi said his Northern League party won't back any Monti-led government "for now." Bossi said he told Napolitano that his party, whose support kept Berlusconi's conservative coalition in power in three governments, will be a "vigilant" opposition to any Monti government until the economist spells out how he plans to rescue Italy's troubled economy.
"For now, we said, 'no.' Then we'll see the program and decide, time by time" whether to support specific legislation, Bossi said. "In any case, we won't give him any blank cheque."
Bossi's party has been demanding early elections instead. He also has opposed one key remedy, a pension reform that raises the retirement age for women.
The austerity measures passed Friday night will still not be enough to revive the dormant Italian economy. They raise the retirement age to 67, but not until 2026.

Some four hours earlier, the Washington Post had reported that Bossi, former coalition partner of Silvio Berlusconi, would defer any decision on whether or not to support the scheming former eurocrat until he knew his policies. We must assume from the Canadian report that either they have been rejected by Bossi, or the latter has realised that the word of any person so long associated with the institutionally venal EU is entirely worthless and NEVER to be trusted!



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