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Mugger Monti - Three posts from 24th March 2004

These three posts cannot be accessed from the internet on the archived pages of my blog "Ironies" thanks to Google. I therefore re-post them here today so the nature of the man about to be shoehorned into the leadership of the third largest country of the Euro Group may be properly assessed:

EU's Microsoft Fine - Blatant anti-Americanism and Greed

Rumoured to be over six hundred million dollars - who gets it? The thoroughly corrupt EU!

Who will pay? - The ordinary consumer and if there is any justice only those within the EU!

What is it for? - Bundling a Multi-media player with the software you get with the Windows operating system of a new PC! Why is it unjustified and absurd?.......... try this on your own PC:-

I just did a quick run through the programme files on my PC. I have six DVD and movie players. Only one of them did I deliberately download - that being Real Player. None of them are Microsoft!

This makes clear there is plenty of competition in this sector , and secondly there is far more stuff being unknowingly downloaded onto your PC each time you go online, play particular DVDs or let others watch DVDs on your laptop.

Who gets the money? Mugger Monti and his mates, that's who and under what authority! The EU an evil monopoly if ever there was one!


More Evidence of Monti's Mendacious and Malevolent Mugging of Microsoft

The Seattle Times, local paper in Microsofts home city, reveals in an article linked from here and titled 'Microsoft details offer it made to EU' the following astounding fact - "Microsoft agreed to do what might seem extraordinary: bundle three competing media players along with its own in future versions of Windows'.

More proof if such were needed of the truth of our posting immediately below. This is such a blatant piece of extortion against one of America's foremost companies that major European firms should be bracing themselves for the inevitable retailaition. Once again Europe's National Leaders must stand back as mere observers while the appointed autocrats of the EU Commission blithely set about the wilful destruction of the economies of the member states of the undemocratic union.


Immediately following those two postings I subsequently posted the following, which although not mentioning Mario Monti himself, also seems worthy of inclusion:
Microsoft Fine Announced!

It has been set at 497 million Euros, in line with the earlier leaks see the posts below. Included in the finding is coercion regarding the sharing of interfaces with deadlines. The link to the announcement will be posted here when available. BBC News early report is linked here

Will 24th March 2004 be seen to mark the real opening of an open and dirty EU/US trade war? If so it will be clear who fired the first shot - appalling that Britain should be so associated with such an act!


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