Sunday, November 13, 2011

Constitutional/Reform/Lisbon Treaty VP conspirator rumoured as Italian Foreign Minister

The EU termites are already coming out of the rotted woodwork of the Italian former democracy this evening, with Giuliano Amato reported to be the likely new Foreign Minister, an individual deeply steeped in all that is unworthy in the EU. A quote on his untrustworthiness from his Wikipedia entry is quoted here:

At the end of his period as Prime Minister, Amato gave a speech to the Parliament in which he solemnly promised that at end of his term he would retire from politics, stressing that his was a true commitment and that he would not break this promise as some politicians (whom he characterized as "mandarins") used to do. However, this promise was short-lived; Amato has regularly come under criticism for having made such a solemn commitment and fail├Čng to keep it.

One thing Amato has in his favour, he once had the decency to admit the whole Lisbon Treaty process was a complete confidence trick, as I recorded in 2007 on this blog, linked here. It contained an audio video link here.

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