Monday, October 31, 2011

Was 'Call me Dave' - conned or duped into his Global Governance Gaffe?

President Sarkozy of France, EU Council and Euro Group President Von Rompuy and EU Commission President Barroso presumably all have separate and  different reasons to dislike the admittedly thoroughly obnoxious British Prime Minister, David Cameron, but the humiliation they have delivered upon him as leader of the British Conservative Party, contriving to get him to present a paper on Global Governance, as revealed on this blog yesterday morning, is a truly spectacular humiliation for all his party members.

The journey back from Perth in Western Australia is an ordeal for even very fit individuals, as I have recently been made fully aware, so how quickly the high-living Prime Minister and his Damascene convert and high-living Foreign Secretary will cope with that journey sufficiently well to then be able to sit down before departing to Cannes, and ready a paper on the totally Conservative-alien and anti-individualistic concept of global governance, will be interesting indeed to observe.

It will be a week tomorrow since David Cameron went before the TV Cameras, flanked by soldiers to either side, to snarl his contempt for his party rebels who had acted honourably the night before in calling for a referendum on the EU, ludicrously claiming he bore no rancour nor ill will towards such rebels, when the absolute opposite was clearly the case for the rest of the country concerning Cameron himself!

Now in similar Flashman fashion, we see this former Bullingdon Bully-boy, preparing to fly off to the South of France and deliver a paper to the nineteen other significant leaders of the world's nations, on how the democracy he has sought to finally kill off in his own country, can now be further demeaned and destroyed across the entire world!

What then is my own answer to my own question in this posting's heading - to have been conned, Cameron's confidence would have to have been won by swindlers, to be duped, however, is to unwittingly serve as the tool of another person. I therefore suggest he was duped, a further fact indicating that under Cameron there can never be any meaningful repatriation of powers from the EU to the UK. Cameron, or perhaps 'call me Dick' would nowadays be more fitting, is quite simply too self-opinionated and downright naive to achieve such a delicate task, or as I first dubbed him on our sister blog, (many years ago when the stupid Tories, first appeared likely to choose him as their leader) on Teetering Tories - 'Vapid'!

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