Saturday, October 29, 2011

EU powers review MUST consider the powers Mandarins have kept to themselves!

A report in this morning's Daily Telegraph, linked here, contains the following quite incredible revelation:

Sources said that the review draws on previously secret Whitehall reports drawn up before the last election as Civil Service “scenario-planning” for a possible Conservative government.
Because the Conservatives failed to win an outright majority those papers have not been shown to Coalition ministers but they will inform the current urgent review.

Under what right and with what or whose authority are ministers of an elected government deemed unfit to receive certain facts as available to civil servants. The abuse of powers by the EU has been a fact of life for decades, this news indicates it has been continued under the authority of civil servants, if so they should be arrested and placed on trial.

This week has been a truly gruelling ordeal for ordinary but informed members of the public. The drama of the referendum debate in the Commons on Monday, when all but one hundred and eleven of our MPs were shown to be deeply treacherous, followed by the EU Summit on Wednesday where 27 European Leaders proved themselves capable of serial confidence tricks, trashing of financial intstruments, blatant manipulation of the truth and often a cockiness and disregard for the consequences of their venality which was completely breathtaking and shaming for all Europeans.

To now learn on this Saturday morning, as a restful weekend beckoned, that an extensive veil of secrecy has been operating across the upper reaches of Britain's governing procedures quite simply absolutely beggars beilef!

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And elsewhere in the EZ a big loss on another bank in Austria. What a w/e for John Redwood to cool down his overheating blog .

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