Friday, October 28, 2011

EU attacks against the City of London

The attack by PM Cameron, against the EU, made during his long flight to Perth for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, is surprising merely for the fact that it has been so long delayed. One report of Cameron's complaints is here.

Britain has been the subject of steady EU extortion and gradual bleeding to death for decades, facilitated by our self-serving politicians who saw such actions as beneficial to their own personal careers and finances together with those of their thoroughly corrupted parties.

It has been weeks since Von Rompuy was assigned to mainly represent the interests of the 17 member Euro Group, and months before even that when the trend in that direction had been more than clear. Yet not one squeal of protest has been forthcoming from the British Government who carry one of the largest burdens of the total EU's costs, for all the 27 EU members, including the ten not within the Euro, whose interests are daily disregarded, and whose economies are  increasingly trashed as a side effect of the lies, incompetencies and ignorance of those attempting (but clearly failing) to properly run the common currency.

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