Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are folk in Greece in line to deposit their cash?

If ordinary Greeks were as completely stupid as those who earn their living on the world's financial markets, they would this morning be queuing on the streets of Athens to deposit their cash back into Greek banks, from whence much has been sensibly removed over recent months, not as is apparently being reported by German newspaper Bild, on which is a report linked here.



Blogger Sue said...

I don't think so Martin. I feel for the Greek people!

"And yes, we are proud to have managed the impossible: That October 28 and 27 will be a double National Day. From now on, we’ll celebrate the Days of YES and NO. October 28th, the day when Greece proudly said NO to occupying Axis forces in 1940. And October 27th, the day, when Greece surrendered to Germany, with 71 years delay.

Pathetic? Maybe. You have to be Greek to understand the national feeling of been stabbed right in the middle of your heart"

2:07 PM  

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