Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nick Clegg defends his manufacturer!

Last evening, little knowing the construct that is Clegg was about to launch a Sunday newspaper attack against those who still believe in their own country and integrity in politics, I posted about one sole honourable LibDem councillor and the shameful positions taken by the present and most recent leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, see here or scroll down the page.

The first thing to be said about Nick Clegg, is that he looks as if he is worthy of the handle "Right honourable" which he now proudly sports. Looking at the background, career, conflicting positions and sheer naked ambition of the man it immediately becomes clear that no name tag could be further from the truth. Putting aside his curious gene pool, for which no man may be made accountable but all others must be certain to take into account, his upbringing has shades of that of an aristocrat of the ancien regime being groomed for a long lifetime of autocratic governance.

Other than politics his career, according to Wikipedia, involved some lobbying for Gadaffi's Libya and working for the pro-EU propaganda business sheet the FT.  Yet it was the EU that finally and fully shaped him, as may be read in detail from this link.

If Clegg seeks to attack those merely trying to defend their country against the assaults from the EU, as he does in The Observer, this morning, then he should list at the head of each such article, details of his EU pension pot and other accrued EU perks and his regular EU contacts, which all depend upon the continued existence of that organisation, which today requires total suppression of national self-governance and democracy, as is finally now everywhere admitted, in order for its corrupt rule and sick currency to survive.



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