Sunday, October 30, 2011

The televised destruction of the inegrity and career of IDS!

There will be an opportunity to witness the self-destruction of former Conservative Party  leader Iain Duncan Smith MP on television, on the Parliament Programme, this Sunday evening, during the re-screening of the programme Question Time, recorded in our historic Winchester Cathedral, last Thursday.

Monday saw the first step on the slippery descent to destruction of this politician, once chiefly known for his integrity as a stalwart Maastricht Treaty rebel and steadfast opponent of the degradation of his party that occurred under the Premiership of John Major. That evening's inexplicable decision to vote with the Government, against granting a referendum on the EU to ordinary people, especially given this man's career, must in future become a prime example of the degradation of our parliamentary politics as delivered to us by the EU.

At least three times Iain Duncan Smith here denies his party leader, David Cameron had broken his cast iron guarantee that he would give the British people a referendum on any EU Constitutional Treaty.

Where was the crowing cock?



Anonymous Loudribs said...

I had a field day with IDS on this week's QT... Trying to square so many circles is clearly aggrieving the poor fellow to the point where he made Farage look reasonably sane... And that frightens me a little.

4:37 PM  

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