Saturday, October 29, 2011

LibDem Leader in Bournemouth quits over her Party's EU Hypocrisy

The report from this afternoon's Daily Echo is linked here.  Former LibDem Party Leader Ming Campbell was this morning, on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, lying through his teeth over his party's record over the EU and his desire for Britain to join the Euro Currency!.

Remember the following article in The Sun, from 25th February 2008, also linked here, when Party Leader, alongside a huge picture, complained as follows:

"We've all gone crazy. Pro and anti, Europhile and Eurosceptic, trading blows about the Lisbon treaty in grand rhetoric that obscures the facts.

"It is time for a debate politicians have been too cowardly to hold for 30 years - time for a referendum on the big question. Do we want to be in or out?
"Nobody in this country under the age of 51 has ever been asked that simple question. That includes half of all MPs. We've been signed up to Europe by default: two generations who have never had their say."

At least Cllr Sue Levell in Bournemouth has finally seen through the double-dealing and dual standards that hangs around the party of the Deputy Prime Minister and by willing association all his colleagues in Westminster!

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