Sunday, October 02, 2011

Greeks backtracking on Civil Servants' Sackings!

Latest radio reports from Athens state that 23,000 civil servants over 60 years of age will now be given redundancy and another 7,000 placed on one years reserve. Read here.

This blogger finds this report rather strange, after all, were we not previously informed that few public employees in Greece worked much into their fifties? This report does however bear out our earlier posting on threatened Cabinet Ministerial resignations, as the package mentioned here seems far less severe than those being reported earlier this weekend. Looks like the Troika are capitulating again.

The situation in Greece is now so dire that the negotiating strengths are shifting to the debtors, as was always inevitable and will soon follow in the other debtor nations.

Abandoning the Euro and bringing the guilty involved in this EU project to account, seems the only sensible next step forward. See my first posting of today for what that should involve for Britain.

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