Sunday, October 02, 2011

As the Euro falls it is time for past PMs to be brought to account!

No area or aspect of the EU is free from waste, incompetence and all too often corruption!

There is no accountability within the EU. The accounts are passed unaudited. The commission is answerable to nobody. The Parliament merely funds the national political parties who have sold out their peoples' democracies and parliaments to the obscenity that is the EU, the fonctionaires become overfed and fat by constant dining out while awaiting their tax limited and similarly fat pensions, while every area of supposed competence, handed by the ex-nation states to this bloated institution, is ruined from neglect, incompetence and often corruption.

The Independent on Sunday, today runs a report on our fishless seas and the subsidies paid out to achieve this shameful outcome which has continued for years, thanks to the lies in Parliament of a former leader of the Conservative Party, whose policies are being continued to this day under David Cameron. The following is an excerpt from today's article:

Ariana Densham, a Greenpeace oceans campaigner, who led the nine-month report, described the system as "broken". "According to some estimates, up to 49 per cent of the global catch is illegal, unreported and unregulated, and this is one of the main reasons why our fisheries are in such rapid decline.
"The fact that in Europe this theft of fish is being subsidised by taxpayers' money, that we're paying pirates to steal our fish, destroy one of our oldest industries and devastate the marine environment, shows just how corrupted the CFP is," she said.

On 28th August 2003 I blogged about the EU's destruction of our North Sea Fisheries industry and cod, and suggested that Edward Heath be brought to account, linked here, from which the following is a quote:

This act of aggressive sabotage, made possible by the lie delivered in Parliament by the late Geoffrey Ripon and connived in by the silently seated Edward Heath at his side was believed by a gullible and betrayed House of Commons. It has taken just over thirty years.........shamefully thirty years during which British Ministers retained some responsibility for our seas and fisheries ..............unlike the situation prevailing today, as specifically agreed and concealed by lies to Parliament by the conservative administration of now ailing ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath.

With Heath having recently been flown back from Australia due to ill health, would it not be timely, sensible and a matter of the utmost urgency to now grant him immunity from the possibility of prosecution for his known treasonable actions. In exchange we should demand a detailed explanation of his motives and full details regarding his Continental co-conspirators and their possible next targets in the attempted destruction of our economy, so that we are able, while still just barely surviving as a nation state, to belatedly take some preventative measures to ensure that their schemes, rapidly reaching fruition with the pending Constitution, can at last be thwarted. 

Heath is now long dead, but the results of his treachery become clearer with every passing day. Every intervening Prime Minister, (with the possible exception of Margaret Thatcher who, with her foundation, has endeavoured to expose some detail of the EU conspiracy from her own time in office) should now, I suggest, be compelled to reveal (and their Cabinet Papers released) what part they played, whether knowingly or not, in the destruction of Britain's democracy, economy and precious constitution with its longstanding and ancient individual rights which it once protected.

Precedent cannot guide us over what means we can use in establishing how our nation and its former wealth has been handed over to foreigners. Never in history has there been such an audacious act of the most complete and utter treachery from a clutch of dedicated conspirators. All the evidence over many years, all the most expert economic advice, argued against these political acts made over many decades. We must learn how all this came to pass and who were the main culprits, if we are to begin to to try to set matters to rights and recover both our common law rights and self-government.



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Anyway, we should dig Heath up and kill him again... just to be sure he really is dead.

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