Friday, September 30, 2011

Island ex-nation slashes its ships and crews to coalesce into a corrupted Continent

Britain's Conservative Party, while loudly and constantly self-proclaiming its doubts, has since the nineteen-fifties, always been at the forefront of destroying our nation's independence and democracy. So too today, whilst pretending its policy changes are forced upon it by a combination of the debts run-up by the former Labour administration and the policy perogatives of its coalition partners the Liberal Democrats, it takes the axe to the Royal Navy. Meantime furthe submerging itself and excessively financing the ever-growing tyranny that is the EU!

Not only has the RN protected our national independence down the centuries, and by such actions ensured the principles of freedom and democracy could mainly prevail across the European Continent itself. For any who may doubt this I recommend "To Rule the Waves" by Arthur Herman, sub-titled, How the British Navy shaped the modern world - ISBN 9 780060 534257 read Amazon description from here.

The BBC report of the cuts in ships and the redundancy notices being received by their crew members today is linked here.

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