Saturday, October 01, 2011

China's top daily paper urges EU action on the crisis!

Reuters reports on the startling newspaper headline in Saturday's overseas edition of the People's Daily in Beijing. One quote from the article is the following:

"But if Europe keeps dilly-dallying, the situation can only worsen and gather speed. Outsiders who want to help will not dare, and then the euro zone may really disintegrate. Without doubt, this would be a huge disaster for Europe and the world."

So trumpets the mouthpiece of one of the most oppressive regimes in the world, urging the once free and democratic former nation states of Europe to join together in a fiscal union, which to succeed can only be modelled along the collectivist and totalitarian lines of all extreme socialist regimes.

These calls for greater fiscal union under the guise of the more soothing sounding "economic governance" must be resisted by the people of the EU at all costs.

We can return power to our national parliaments by restoring Europe's national currencies. The euro was designed as a tool for tyranny and totalitarianism, which would always create a crisis such as that we are witnessing today, one can only presume in order to further advance the once free West, towards that end.

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