Friday, September 30, 2011

Millennium Blitzkrieg soon available on Kindle

I have just finished the procedures for my novel "Millennium Blitzkrieg" to be available for Kindles from Amazon over the coming days. Other Epub versions will soon also be available and I will post the necessary links on this blog as they become available.

The plotters behind the EU conspiracy, which is daily becoming ever clearer to more and more people, were clear and determined in their actions in the early to mid nineteen-nineties, as my novel makes clear. The battle to stop them actually succeeding is only now about to be properly joined!

I hope that by publishing a digital version of the book, this message will spread throughout the wider public all across the globe. What is happening to the peripheral countries of the Euro Zone is exactly as intended, their economic misery was always the inevitable end result of the Euro currency, as many economists warned. Why then did so many at the top of Europe's former independent nation states allow this to go ahead? My novel provided some suggestions, read it on your kindle or other digital devices from next week!

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Blogger A K Haart said...

Good luck with it - I'll look out for your link.

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