Saturday, May 07, 2011

Typical Democracy By-Pass, EU Skullduggery hits hitch in Finland.

Here's a ruse, following the election of the True Finns blocking majority for the Portuguese Bail Out in the new parliament, EPP Vice-President and PM elect decided a simple means to get it through would be to halt negotiations on a new coalition government and get the former parliament to approve more billions to save the doomed Euro, thus huffing democracy!

The problem seems to be that the outgoing governing party (possibly considering they may need votes in the future once again perhaps?,) is not playing ball.

Read the Reuters report from here.

The secret meeting in Luxembourg, on which I posted earlier today, with Juncker stating (having earlier been reported as not in attendance) that Greece will not default.

Well that's alright then..... and Portugal will get its money of course, Finnish voters having been effectively told to go to hell. Will Trichet now stay on at the ECB perhaps?

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