Sunday, February 10, 2013

UKIP at Eastleigh - The Slayers of Big Party Politics

How can the LiberalDemocrats defend the Eastleigh Parliamentary seat after ten years of the lying of Huhne and the disturbing reports and recordings seeping out from the trial of his partner in crime?

How can Labour, struggling reportedly to even find a candidate, overcome the truth now emerging of their similar mismanagement of the NHS to that of the economy, apparently turning certain Hospital Trusts almost into euthanisia machines for the callous undertaking of death by neglect or dehydration for their elderly condemned inmates.

How can Cameron possibly overcome his own mismanagement of the economy and now obvious complete subservience to foreign control in all areas of government. How can his own candidate, given her past public statements on immigration and the scheduled influx from Bulgaria and Romania at this year's end, not herself decide to vote for UKIP by the end of the campaign or be proven a hypocrite at the hustings?

How could the voters of Eastleigh, if offered the chance by the articulate leader of UKIP, not leap at the chance of a clear alternative for Britain, that could begin at Eastleigh, to dump all the constant lies, false statistics, government inefficiency, daily official extortion etc.,etc., etc., all of which is now a cemented-in part of Britons' daily lives!

But FIRST of course, Nigel Farage, must put aside his supposedly more important daily business in Europe for a period of even less than three weeks, and recognise that this is indeed an existential moment for himself and his party!

Flunk this Mr Farage and the nation will seek another means of exiting yje UK from the already clearly doomed EU, probably one coming from within the ranks of the Conservative Party!


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